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Travel Insurance

(Agent's registration number: 0501431000)

Fantasy Select recommends Travel Assist.

Travel Assist provides compensation for people traveling abroad from unexpected events like accidents, delayed flights, cancelled trips due to covered reasons such as hospitalization, loss of travel documents and emergency medical treatment whilst traveling.

Did you know that Travel Assist also provides 24 hours emergency assistance from anywhere in the world?

With just a phone call away, you can get emergency medical assistance, including advance payment/guarantee for payment of medical expenses, information on local government offices, epidemic conditions and weather condition.

10 Reasons why you need a Travel Insurance.
Do you travel more than 3 times a year for Leisure/Business Trips?

Please note that :

  • the travel cancellation benefit does not apply if the policy is purchased within 24 hours from the date of departure;
  • the travel delay benefit does not apply if the policy is purchased after the departure time for your flight has been rescheduled; and
  • the policy can only be purchased while you are in Malaysia.
This travel insurance is provided by: